The New England Slalom Series (NESS) is a whitewater slalom series designed and run for racers in open boats, as well as C/D and unranked closed boats. Our series warmly welcomes people of all ages and abilities, from those who are complete beginners in whitewater slalom racing, to those who race regularly for fun and excitement, as well as national champions who are in the area and want to join us.

Open canoe paddlers from this series commonly compete and place at the annual Open Boat Nationals. Others have gone on to compete in A/B races and Closed Boat Nationals. We also are proud that training programs use NESS to develop their paddlers, some of whom have gone on to compete in national and international competitions as members of the U.S. Team in the sports of whitewater slalom and whitewater rodeo.

NESS is a ten race series and each participant can enter up to three classes at each race. Prizes are awarded at each race and there are series awards presented at the final race in the fall for those who have participated in the required number of races. Special participation awards are given to those racers who complete a minimum of one race run in all the races in the series. At the end of each race, there is a drawing for a certificate good for free entry in up to three classes at one of the next two races in the series. Any participating racer present at the awards ceremony is eligible to win.
We look forward to racing with you this season!!!

NESS Race Participants (photos by W. Mercier)