Welcome Race Organizers

This website has been created to facilitate online registration & payment for New England Slalom Series races.

The information presented on this page is provided to help you understand how the system works, and to let you know what is required from you to complete the setup of your race registration form.

Each NESS race has been assigned its own registration page. The form on that page can only be used to submit registrations and payments for that specific race. Your race’s registration form will be customized with the following information:

  • The form’s delivery email address, and the form’s PayPal payment email address (neither of these are shown publicly on the forms).
  • The names of any special race classes your race may have for this season.


In order for your race registration form to work, you need to have the following two items:

  1. Valid Working Email Addressdelivery email address
  2. PayPal Account PayPal payment email address

The above email addresses can be the same, or different. It’s up to you.

Email Address: This can be any email address that you like, as long as it is valid and works. This is the email address to which the race registrations will be mailed. You could use an email address you already have. Or, if you like, you could signup for a gmail.com email address that you use just for this kind of race information: say something like – “johndoe.myracename@gmail.com” – that’s pretty cool! Most important is that you can actually receive emails at the address you provide.

PayPal Account: If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one at this link – it’s free and easy. The username of your PayPal account is your email address, it can be the same email address you use for the form delivery email address. Any type of PayPal account will work – however, due to the nature of the payment gateway built in to the race payment form, you must not have any active assigned shipping rates setup in the PayPal account you use for these transactions. For most of you with a personal PayPal account this will not be an issue. If you have a PayPal account with shipping rates setup, you will need to deactivate shipping rates, or open a different PayPal account to use with transactions from NESSRACE.com.

Note: If your race has more than one organizer, the registration email can be cc’d to each RO. There can be only one PayPal payment account per race.

A note about PayPal fees: Depending on whether the registrant pays using their PayPal balance, a linked bank account, or a credit card, there may be a small fee imposed by PayPal for processing the payment. If there is a transaction fee, these days it is typically about 2.9% plus $0.30 USD per transaction.


After the NESSRACE.COM webmaster has received your required email addresses, some testing will be preformed. A test email will be sent to each of your email addresses. You must respond to those email tests. After it is established that your email addresses work, a live test of your registration form will be completed by the NESSRACE.com webmaster. A test registration and payment will be submitted for your race. The race fee will be $1 and it will show up in your PayPal account. You will need to verify that you received both the registration and the payment (after testing you can buy the webmaster a beer at the next race).

Outline of the Registration Process:

The race registrant fills out the form for your race, providing all the details required. The registrant does the math to determine the race entry fee, enters this amount, and submits the form.

Upon submission of the form, two things happen:

  • It emails the registration information to you (also a copy to the registrant).
  • It sends the payment amount to PayPal for processing.

Once the registrant has submitted the form, he/she is automatically redirected to the PayPal website where the payment transaction is then completed by the registrant. Once that payment transaction is completed, you will receive a payment notification email from PayPal.

The confirmation email sent from NESSRACE.COM to the registrant includes a message that says:

“Here is a copy of the registration information you submitted. If there are any errors, contact the Race Organizer in charge of this race.

You will also receive a payment confirmation from PayPal.”

This system works great. However, please note that if the registrant does not complete the payment transaction at PayPal, you will still get the registration information email. So, it is possible for a person to register for your race, but fail to complete the payment at PayPal. It’s up to you to match up completed registrations with completed (or missing) payments.*

*While this scenario is possible, it is unlikely to occur, or to be purposefully abused.

Form Scheduling (automatic end time)

All registration forms are scheduled to automatically shut off at 11:59 PM on the Wednesday before the race weekend. This will prevent the possibly of any last minute registrations being emailed to you. This feature also automatically makes all online registrations qualify for the Early Bird Discount.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please feel free to contact the NESSRACE.COM webmaster: webmaster@nessrace.com