To qualify for a Series award, racers must compete in at least one more than half of the races held during the season, in the same class. Points from each race attended (up to the limit of one more than half) are recorded and accumulated for the series standings. The best finishes determine each racer’s series standing, with the final race of the year, the Farmington Slalom as tie-breaker if necessary. For example, if the series has 9 races in a season, a racer would need to attend 5 races in the same class. If there are 8 races, a racer would still need to attend 5 races. For 7 races in the series, a racer would need to attend 4, and for 6 races in the series a racer would need to attend 4 to qualify, and etc.

Racers may enter a maximum of 3 classes per race, and are therefore eligible for up to 3 series awards. A special participation award is given to each racer who completes at least one race run in each of the races in the series held that season.

At the end of each race, there is a drawing for a certificate good for free entry into one of the next two races in the series. Any participating racer present at the awards ceremony is eligible to win! The certificate is good for up to three classes and is not transferable.